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Best Quality Field Stables and Shelters in Cheshire, Merseyside and Staffordshire

Be the 'First in the Field' with our new range of quality field Stables and Shelters with prices to suit all needs. We specialise in building quality outdoor products that will last the harshest of weather conditions ensuring your horse or animals are looked after in all seasons. Hand made and built in Cheshire to the highest of standards we have something for all budgets.


Build it round your 'budget'.

Choose from our standard range then build up the items you need from the various accessories, DIY option and various methods of delivery available. Select the standard or premium ranges with everything built in. This allows you to get the right product for the right price. We can give you hands on advice and help all through the process. If you need a quote or help just fill out our online form or ring us we will be glad to help.

We believe the best way to ensure our customers can make the best choice is via feedback from previous customers and seeing the products we have built. This way you can see what you are getting for your money.


Stable Block 12 x 36


Shelter 12 x 12


Double Stable Door