Additional Items

Each stable or shelter can have additional accessories added as specified.

Shiplap Cladding

Cladding - We can offer a standard Shiplap or Feather edge cladding. Each are pre-treated giving the best protection from the harshest of weather conditions and lasts at least 15 years.

Shiplap CladdingChose from either the Green or a darker brown version.

Sky Light

Clear Roofing Panels - Add extra light into your stable or shelter by adding clear roofing panels which can be located in each 12ft x 12ft design.

Double Door

Full Doors - Double opening full doors, double hinges on both doors for extra support.

Stable Door

Stable Doors - Door designs incorporate a standard stable door with double hinges on both doors for extra support. Bolts on both doors with and extra base lock. Metal protecting ridge to protect the bottom door from chewing etc.

Internal Metal Panel

Internal Panels or Gates - Your block can also have different internal panels or metal sections depending on requirement.

4ft Kick Board

Kick Boards - All stables and shelters can be fitted with wood kick boards to protect the wood walls and animals. Also this adds further insultation and strength to the structure.

Glass Window

Windows - Glass windows can be positioned to suit design or end use. Normally no more than 1 pair 12ft x 12ft.


Guttering - Full front and back guttering will enable control of drainage and stop ground water logging and rain damaging to the wood.

Skids - Depending on the location of your block skids can be used to slide the stable or shelter to the disfferent positions. Or if a cement/brick foundation is used a more permanent fixing will be used usually screwing into place.