Standard Range

Our range can be designed just as a stand alone 12ft x 12ft stable or extended in blocks of 12ft to create a whole stable yard. This could include seperate stables, tack rooms, storage room, hay room even toilet facilities.

Specification :-


Walls- 12ft x 12ft, 3 inch x 2 inch timber is made from quality timber and all purchased locally. Each 12ft panel is made seperately and includes strenghting bars. All door ways included 3 inch x 3 inch timbers for strenth.

Shiplap Cladding

Cladding - We can offer a standard Shiplap or Feather edge cladding. Each are pre-treated giving the best protection from the harshest of weather conditions and lasts at least 15 years.

Shiplap CladdingChose from either the Green or a darker brown version.

Main Purlin & Apex

Roofing Material - We can offer 3 types of roofing :-
1. Onduline sheets and ridging tiles in either Brown or Green.
2. Cement fibre sheets and ridging tiles.
3. Tin.

Onduline Panel

Roof - The roof is boarded using OSB and the fixed in place with capped nails so preventing any leaks. Each 12ft x 12ft block has 8 solid 4 inch by 3 inch wood purline designed to a standard pitch. With 2 apex's at each end.

Overhang - 2 1/2ft

Overhang - Each block has a 3 1/2ft overhang. This allows plenty of cover near doorways to keep you dry and out of the worst weather. Giving you a dry working space and a place to leave equipement dry and out of the wet. This can come lined or unlined.

Double Stable Door

Stable Doors - Door designs incorporate a standard stable door with double hinges on both doors for extra support. Bolts on both doors with and extra kick over base lock. Also horse proof door lock as standard. Metal protecting ridge to protect the bottom door from chewing etc.

4ft Kick Board

Kick Boards - All stables and shelters can be fitted either fulled lined or set at a 4ft height. Wood kick boards protect the wood walls and animals. Also this adds further insultation and strength to the structure.

Glass Window

Windows - Glass windows can be positioned to suit design or end use. Normally no more than 1 per 12ft x 12ft.


Guttering - Full front and back guttering will enable control of drainage and stop ground water logging and rain damaging to the wood.

Skids - Depending on the location of your block skids can be used to slide the stable or if a cement/brick foundation is used an more permanent fixing will be used usually screwing into place.

Stable Designs

To give you some ideas on what we offer here are a few stables we have built recently.

Stable 12 x 36

Stable 12x36

Stable 12 x 12

Stable 12x24

Stable & Tack 12 x 36

Stable 12x24



Stable 12 x 12

Stable 12x12

Stable End 12 x 36

Stable 12x36

Stable Block 12 x 36

Stable 12x36

Stable Block 12 x 36

Stable 12x36